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Reservation begins each Tuesday and is required due to limited seating. Seating is 6ft apart, masks are required, temperature is checked at door, and air in auditorium is filtered to WHO recommendation of 6 times per hour through MERV 13 filters.

Cambridgeport Baptist Church
459 Putnam Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139

By Day & By Night

The Justice House of Prayer in Boston/Cambridge is a community of young and old who seek to lift a continuous (24/7) cry of worship and intercession for and out of our nation's birthplace.

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Prayer Sets

Justice House of Prayer is OPEN for select sets and every Wednesday night from 7-9 PM. Registration for Wednesday sets will open on Tuesdays. Check back here to sign up!

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We record, mix, and publish selected worship & prayer sets. Listen to them for free.
February 14 2018

​Thursday Night
Isabelle Costello

February 13 2018

Tuesday Night
Allegra Fletcher

Feb 8 2018

Thursday Morning 
Will & Amy Eifler

January 13 2018

Saturday Night
Darrell Temple & Isabelle Costello

January 27 2018

Saturday Night 
Allegra Fletcher

June 8 2017

Thursday Morning
Will & Amy Eifler