The prayer room will be closed from Sunday, December 15th through Saturday, January 11th. Happy Holidays!

The Mandate

We stand before the Lord in an hour that boldly demands an extravagant and unbroken chorus of worship and prayer to ascend before the throne of heaven and to Him who sits upon that throne. Although history prayer has always been an expression and, at times, even the primary expression, of the Body of Christ, there is an urgently new, but age-old, insistence from heaven for day and night worship and prayer to emerge at this juncture of history. Worship and prayer were always designed to be at the center of not only the function of the Church, but the character of the Church itself. Prayer was never intended to be a ministry in the church, but to be the ministry of the Church. Isaiah 56:7 makes this clear: "For my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations."

The mandate of JHOP Boston is twofold: to close the door to false ideologies and to contend for another great awakening.

False Ideologies

Boston is known worldwide to be a city housing some of the most influential and prestigious universities in America and the world. Harvard and many other well-known institutions are found in the greater Boston area. Many of these universities were established for the purpose of raising up ministers of the gospel. Today, these same institutions deny, even mock the supreme wisdom of Christ. They have become bastions of secular humanism. Harvard is considered the citadel of secular humanism in the modern world. From these classrooms, philosophies are born and bred that are later taught in other universities in America and often the world. The culture and ideologies of this nation and the nations of the world are forged by the godless philosophies exported from these campuses. From these universities emerge some of the brightest and most talented young adults who go on to be future leaders nationally and internationally in politics, education, business, law, media, arts, etc.

Moreover, if it is true that what is taught in the classrooms of one generation become the philosophies of the next, then it is urgently necessary that we raise up a house of prayer in Boston to contend with humanism, secularism and ungodly intellectualism that will affect the world that our children and our children's children will live in. The hour in Boston could not be more urgent and the house of prayer could not more necessary than right now. Derek Prince prophesied in 1972 " Boston is the Jericho of the United States and when the walls of intellectualism come tumbling down, the Lord will pour out His Spirit upon this whole land." If this is a true word, which I believe it is, we must contend for the college campuses and universities.

Great Awakening

Massachusetts is a state that has such a rich spiritual heritage of Revival and Awakening. In the past few months and years, the Lord has spoken profoundly through different prophetic voices from around the nation that we are standing at the threshold of another Great Awakening. These prophetic words are invitations; our response will determine the out come. A casual approach to these prophetic words could be our undoing. Our generation has been raised reading and hearing about extraordinary moves of God in past generations. We at JHOP are not content to hear stories or to revel in our history. We want to see the in-break of the Holy Spirit in our generation, to a degree our nation has never experienced. We are living to see the reality of Christ in our generation. Our hearts ache to see the dreams of our forefathers realized in our generation. The dreams of our forefathers that covenanted to the Lord that this nation would be a light to all nations, the dreams of the founders of Harvard that that institution would raise up ministers of the gospel for Christ and His glory, the dreams of Jonathan Edwards to see extraordinary prayer for revival and the advancement of Christ kingdom on the earth.

Massachusetts, "the Spirit of America," is critical and key in the turning of this nation to God. It is the very womb and the root of the nation. If we see Massachusetts turn we will see the nation turn. If we see a shifting in the heavenlies over Massachusetts we will see it shift for the whole nation. Dutch Sheets has called Massachusetts the "spiritual war zone of the nation." Currently, in the natural realm, this state has become a battleground for the issue of homosexual marriage. Less visible but of even greater importance is the battle in the spiritual realm for the hearts and minds of a generation here and throughout our country. We must be actively and consistently engaged in prayer to determine the outcome of this battle. The issue of the house of prayer is urgently necessary in light of both the battle that rages and the hope of a nationwide awakening.